Things That the Phighting On Writers Are Thankful For

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, the Phighting On writers have decided to share with you what Phillies-related things we are thankful for.  Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Reisman- Placido Polanco: Say what you want about Polly, but when you look at former Phillies, he’s pretty good.  Clearly, he’s no Mike Schmidt, but would you rather have Polanco or David Bell?  You know what, I’m just thankful for not having David Bell anymore.  In fact, from now on, Thanksgiving on Phighting On is now also Independence From David Bell Day.  So happy Thanksgiving and happy Independence From David Bell Day!

Bryan Sheehan- Carlos Ruiz:  Sure the phillies have great pitching, but it takes a leader like Carlos Ruiz to get them to perform at their best. Although his offense is starting to dip, his defense, game calling and attitude make Chooch the best in the game. He even got an MVP vote this year! Without him the Phillies would be stuck with the likes of Rod Barajas and Chris Coaste. Also hipsters that love the Phillies but don’t want to have a “mainstream” favorite player always find their answer in Chooch. So to show my thanks towards him, I’m wearing my Carlos Ruiz shersey to Thanksgiving dinner.

Zack Becker- Phillies Offense: I’m thankful for the Phillies offense, nothing turns on a baseball fan more than the long ball, and when they’re on, the Phillies are among the top teams in homers as well as runs scored. I’m thankful for Howard’s consistency, for Chooch’s clutch hitting, for Chase Utley’s short, but always sweet swing, and of course, for Hunter Pence’s…whatever he calls his swing. Here’s to (hopefully) another season of power hitting. Last, but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Shane Victorino, my favorite player in the National League.

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