Ruben Amaro Jr is pretty sneaky

When the Phillies decided to sign Jonathan Papelbon over Ryan Madson, I admit I was pretty upset. Madson is younger, less expensive, and familiar with the Phillies Organization. In any case, at the time I thought Ruben Amaro Jr had made a bonehead play: I was so wrong.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr is one sly character. He’s well known for his lies, from “we’re not going to re-acquire Cliff Lee” to “we aren’t looking for infield help,” Amaro never tips his hand. Today, it was announced that Cincinatti Reds closer Ryan Madson needs Tommy John surgery to fix a torn ligament in his elbow, and that he will not

"Yeah, I knew. Get at me"

pitch at all in 2012. It could be that he tore the ligament sometime in a workout this offseason, but according to CBS Sports, Mad Dog has been experiencing discomfort all Spring, and he hasn’t thrown a pitch at all during Spring Training. Maybe our smugly sneaky GM knew something before deciding to sign Papelbon.


The only negative about this announcement is the ever-rising smugness level of Amaro Jr. A thing like this could trigger more lies, like “Chase Utley will be ready for Opening Day” (oh wait, that already happened).┬áSpeaking of, his adamant denial of the possibility that the Phillies will get some infield help seems to be turning, don’t be surprised if the Phightins have a new utility man within the next two weeks.

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