Checking in with Tyson Gillies

Welcome back! I’m working on getting more frequent interviews with the prospects in the system, and this first one is big. A few months ago I had a chance to talk with Tyson Gillies, and he was gracious enough to give some more of his time for a check-in about his season so far. Jump it to read the latest interview with Reading outfielder and leadoff man.

PhightingOn: When you were first traded over you played a few games in Reading,
but didn’t get any time there in 2011 because of your injury. Is it
nice to be back in Reading, and how does the atmosphere compare to
other places you’ve played?

Tyson Gillies: It’s great to be back and I was first in Reading in 2010 and I got hurt in May and am finally back now after two seasons. The atmosphere is as great as I remembered and was in such a rush to get back.

PO: What did you learn this Spring in your time with the big club,
especially from guys like Podsednik and Pierre?

TG: I asked them a lot of questions about base running and bunting and the two are arguably the best in the game right now at both.

PO: Already with nine extra base hits, you’re looking like you’ve got
your legs back under you. After almost a full season off due to
injury, are you back at 100 percent?

TG:I’m feeling better everyday body wise and it feels as if my legs are adapting to playing everyday again. I would say I’m approaching 100 percent these days and losing that slight hesitation in the back of my mind!

PO:Another guy on the R-Phils roster is Jiwan James, who seems to play
a bit of a similar game to you. Is there a friendly rivalry between
you two, or with anyone else on the team?

TG: It’s great having Jiwan and others who play a similar game like Cesar Hernandez we like to run and bunt. There hasn’t been any friendly rivalries haha we are all just focusing on contributing as much as we can to put pressure on the defense and score runs for the team.

PO: The R-Phils are off to a hot start at 17-8 so far, how does this
team compare to other teams you’ve played on? Is there something
special in this year’s core?

TG: This year’s team reminds me of when I was in High Desert in 2009. (editor’s note: that team went 83-57) The attitude and relationship of all the players is very strong. These players all have a winning attitude and want to play hard for the guy next to them.

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