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Welcome to Phighting On, a blog about the Philadelphia Phillies.  This blog is written for fans, by fans, and trust us, we never hold back our opinions.  Right now we are just four people, but we’re looking to expand.  Contact us at phightingon@gmail.com 

Mike Reisman-Game Reviewer, Head Writer, Founder  Mike started the site back in July of 2010, but his love of the Phillies goes much farther than that.  He’s been obsessed with sports since birth (especially Philadelphia sports), finding his true passion writing about sports.  He’s written well over 150 posts since the sites creation, also writing about high school sports on NJ.com.  You can follow his twitter (also the site’s twitter) at @phightingon, and you can email him (also the site’s email) at phightingon@gmail.com  He enjoys talking with other people, so feel free to contact him.

Bryan Sheehan- Minor League Reporter Bryan Sheehan is, and always has been, a big fan of any Philadelphia based or Philadelphia related sports. From the Phillies and Union to the Soul and the Phantoms, Bryan follows them all. Along with writing for Phighting On, Bryan is the humor editor for Cherry Hill High School East’s award winning newspaper, Eastside (eastside-online.org).  Email him at bryan.sheehan@eastside-online.org. Follow him on Twitter (@BaseballHipster), and find him writing for MLBReports.com and Bleacherreport.com

Greg Frank- Series Previewer Greg is always talking sports wherever he is and whomever he’s around.  Growing up right across the bridge in Cherry Hill he developed a love for all four major sports teams in Philadelphia that has stayed with him to this day.  It started with the Phillies and then the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers followed suit.  He loves to play fantasy sports and is very opinionated regarding a sports matter.  Every July Greg travels to Baseball’s mecca in Cooperstown for the National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction weekend to honor the legends of the game and the newly enshrined.  A sports fan for life, Greg is happy to be a member of phightingon.com.

Zack Becker – NL East Analyst Zack is known for being not just a fan of one team, but a fan of baseball in general. During the season, he literally will not sleep until each and every MLB game ends and he has checked up on the league leaders, typically the top 50 or so in not just the clichéd stats (HR, RBI, AVG, ERA, Ks, etc.), but every stat available for research. He has spent countless hours on sites such as baseball-reference.com looking up the history of the game he loves. He has been to 19 of the 30 active MLB ballparks and plans to visit all 30 in his lifetime. Zack hopes to bring his love of the game to Phightingon.com by reporting on the latest transactions and news around the NL East and checking up on the Phillies’ rivals. You can follow him on Twitter at @zack2thefuture.

Questions, comments or even suggestions for a post?  Email us at phightingon@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading!

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