Season Preview: The Bullpen

When you think of the great baseball players, rarely does anyone ever mention a relief pitcher.  Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, the list of all-time greats goes on and on.  But if you asked almost anyone, it would take a long, long time before a reliever is mentioned as one of the best players ever.  However, there may not be a more important, or underrated part of a team than the guys that come out of the bullpen.  Without them, everything that the starting pitchers and position players do is meaningless and as Phillies fans know, a good reliever can make all the difference in the world for a team, but a bad do some serious damage (see Lidge, Brad 2008 and 2009).  The Phillies seem to have realized this and, despite a strong performance from their relievers last year, went out and got some new players to assure that if a game is lost late this year, chances are it won’t be because of the bullpen. Continue reading

7th Inning Home Runs Boost Philles Over Padres for Fourth Straight Win

Coming into this weekend’s series with the San Diego Padres, nearly every analyst in the Philadelphia area said that if the Phillies wanted to win, they would need to do it early, because the Padres bullpen is absolutely unstoppable.  Though the Phillies found that to be true yesterday, today, the Padres bullpen was their Achilles Heel, allowing the Phillies to pull ahead in the 7th inning against reliever Chad Qualls. Continue reading