Halladay, bullpen lose game despite 13 runs from offense

Three runs per game is usually not enough to win consistently.  Yet the Phillies have won just less than half of their games this year averaging about three runs per game.  Roy Halladay’s starts should not end up being losses, but now the Phillies have just a .500 record when he starts games.  But even more importantly, when a team scores 13 runs in a game, there is absolutely no reason that they should lose.  Unfortunately for the Phillies, after 11 innings, the Braves had 15 runs and as much as 13 shouldn’t lose you a game, 15 should make a win even easier.  So despite their 13-run, 17-hit performance, the Phillies came away from the game empty-handed, unable to get a third straight win. Continue reading

Phighting On’s 2011 Connie Mack Award Selection (BBA’s Manager of the Year Award)

Hello everybody, and welcome to Phighting On’s 2011 Connie Mack award selection.  The Connie Mack award is the BBA’s (Baseball Bloggers Alliance) version of the Manager of the Year award.  The award is for the NL (though the AL has a separate award), and like the BBWAA, the awards only count the regular season performance.  So without further ado, here are the nominations. Continue reading

Phillies End Season With Drama, and a Win

NOTE: Dear loyal readers (if there are any), sorry for not posting for a while, but school + meaningless games= no time for writing.  But now that the playoffs are back, so is Phighting On.  Enjoy!

Thirteen days ago, on September 15, the Phillies punched their ticket to the MLB postseason, rendering nearly every single remaining game useless.  Three days later, the Phillies clinched the NL East division title, and two days after that the Phillies clinched the NL’s best record, allowing the team to just relax until the playoffs started.  However, that did not stop the Phillies from affecting other teams’ playoff chances, coming into a game on Wednesday with Atlanta that would ultimately decide the playoff fate of the NL Wild Card.  The game, like the Cardinals and Astros game that also decided the Wild Card fate, could have been dull, a quick blowout, sending the Braves either straight to a one game playoff with the Cardinals, or straight home until spring, but instead, the two teams played a 13 inning thriller, leaving the regular season with a bang. Continue reading

As Unlikely as it is, Jim Thome Would Be a Great Addition to the Phillies

When five-time all-star and the newest member of the 600 home run club Jim Thome was put on waivers by the Minnesota Twins, it was a thought that went through every Philadelphia Phillies fan’s mind: “How great would Thome be for the Phillies?”.  With the waiver process being the way it is, every single major league team has a chance to claim Thome off of the waiver wire before the Phillies since the Phillies have the league’s best record.  With all 29 other MLB teams having access to the likely future Hall-of-Famer, there is a slim chance that all will pass up the chance to claim Thome, even if it is just to block the Phillies from getting him.  In fact, reports from twitter have stated that both the White Sox and the Cleveland Indians (Thome’s original team) have put in claims for Thome in which case the Phillies would have virtually no shot to bring Thome back to Philly. Continue reading

Despite Questionable Managing Choices, Phillies Beat Mets 9-4

Sometimes, things are too good to be true.  Take the lottery as an example, though you may “win” hundreds of millions of dollars, the chance of you winning the lottery are slim to none, and even if you manage to win, more than half the winnings will be taken in taxes.  Though Tuesday’s Phillies game wasn’t nearly as drastic as winning the lottery, the 9-4 win had it’s flaws, some that could have been seriously harmful, and others that were easily avoidable. Continue reading