Even with bats working, Phillies can’t close out games

Nobody was surprised when the Phillies were losing games early in the year.  If you can’t score you can’t win and the Phillies were 27th in the MLB in scoring.  But things have changed, and the Phillies picked up their play, averaging over five runs in their first seven games of May.  Now, the Phillies are just 18th in the MLB in runs scored for the entire year.  Yet, in their first seven games of May, the Phillies went just three and four.  The problem?  Two losses in extra innings and a game in which the Mets broke a tie game in the ninth inning with three runs.  The problem is no longer offense, the problem is closing out games.  Tonight was no exception. Continue reading

Phillies shows strengths and weaknesses in win against Mets

Losing to the Mets is no fun.  Luckily for the Phillies, the past few years have been

Photo Courtesy of Rich Schultz/Getty Images

relatively easy as far as beating the Mets has been concerned, however, with an injured lineup and some timely Mets hitting, this year’s task was not as easy and the Phillies dropped their first two games of the season against the Mets.   Of course, not all of the pain was inflicted by the Mets in the Phillies first two games,  going 0-8 with runners in scoring position in game one and managing only six total hits in the second.  Both efforts were further diminished by an atypical five runs allowed by the Phillies on both nights.

The Phillies took the field on Jackie Robinson day looking to erase their Mets-related troubles with a start from Cole Hamels, against Mike Pelfrey, someone who, historically, has had all sorts of trouble against the Phillies. Continue reading

Phillies Travel to New York to Try to Get Out of Slump

By: Greg Frank

Overview: The Phillies have lost a season-long six straight games since having won the NL East on Saturday. While a fair amount of everyday players have gotten nights off within the last week causing a different lineup in every one of the games since Saturday night, the result has been the same. When all was said and done the opponents had more runs than the Phillies and they look to change that as they head to New York to face the Mets. While the Mets have been long eliminated from postseason contention, they may have just spoiled the season for the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday. Having lost the first two games, which brought St. Louis to within one and a half of the wild-card leading Atlanta Braves, the Mets trailed St. Louis 6-2 in the top of the ninth inning. Three more outs and St. Louis would pull within one of Atlanta with six games left on the schedule for both teams. However before the Cardinals could record those three outs the Mets put up a six spot in the ninth and ended up winning the game 8-6, pushing the deficit in the NL Wild Card back to two games for St. Louis. The point is that these teams can be dangerous at this time of year as they play with nothing to lose. It would be nice to see the Phillies play the same way and maybe they’ll get a few wins heading into the playoffs. Continue reading

Despite Questionable Managing Choices, Phillies Beat Mets 9-4

Sometimes, things are too good to be true.  Take the lottery as an example, though you may “win” hundreds of millions of dollars, the chance of you winning the lottery are slim to none, and even if you manage to win, more than half the winnings will be taken in taxes.  Though Tuesday’s Phillies game wasn’t nearly as drastic as winning the lottery, the 9-4 win had it’s flaws, some that could have been seriously harmful, and others that were easily avoidable. Continue reading

Phillies Dominate Mets in 10-0 Win

When the New York Mets come to town, you can usually expect a fierce, intense rivalry, with Mets fans coming into Citizens Bank Park looking to steal a few wins.  However, with Cliff Lee on the mound against a rookie in the Mets Dillon Gee, this game was anything but usual, and by the 3rd inning it was evident the Mets would have no chance tonight.  The Phillies would go on to score 10 runs, but they would show no mercy, allowing the Mets to get just five hits all game.  No matter which way you look at it, this game was dominated by the Phillies. Continue reading