Even with bats working, Phillies can’t close out games

Nobody was surprised when the Phillies were losing games early in the year.  If you can’t score you can’t win and the Phillies were 27th in the MLB in scoring.  But things have changed, and the Phillies picked up their play, averaging over five runs in their first seven games of May.  Now, the Phillies are just 18th in the MLB in runs scored for the entire year.  Yet, in their first seven games of May, the Phillies went just three and four.  The problem?  Two losses in extra innings and a game in which the Mets broke a tie game in the ninth inning with three runs.  The problem is no longer offense, the problem is closing out games.  Tonight was no exception. Continue reading

Halladay, bullpen lose game despite 13 runs from offense

Three runs per game is usually not enough to win consistently.  Yet the Phillies have won just less than half of their games this year averaging about three runs per game.  Roy Halladay’s starts should not end up being losses, but now the Phillies have just a .500 record when he starts games.  But even more importantly, when a team scores 13 runs in a game, there is absolutely no reason that they should lose.  Unfortunately for the Phillies, after 11 innings, the Braves had 15 runs and as much as 13 shouldn’t lose you a game, 15 should make a win even easier.  So despite their 13-run, 17-hit performance, the Phillies came away from the game empty-handed, unable to get a third straight win. Continue reading

Phillies Lose in Extras, Must Wait to Clinch Division

In the regular season, there is only so much success that a team can have.  As many games as you win in the regular season, it really does not matter until you get to the playoffs, when the games start to matter.  But that is not to say that there are no milestones during the regular season.  One of those milestones was clinching a playoff spot, something the Phillies accomplished on Wednesday against the Astros in Houston.  The next step for the Phillies was to clinch the NL East title, a title that would be their fifth straight, and a nice start to the end of the season.  Unfortunately for the team with the MLBs best record, the champagne and post-game celebration would have to wait, after 11th inning runs dashed their hopes of clinching the the East. Continue reading

Phillies Pound the Reds With Home Runs, Give Halladay Win Number Sixteen

When Roy Halladay takes the mound, there is some magical feeling in the air, the feeling that no matter how bad the rest of the Phillies play, Halladay will find a way to get a win.  Even if it seems like the Phillies couldn’t hit off of a little league pitcher, Halladay, being the fierce competitor he is, would find a way to make the opposition look like little leaguers.  However, Halladay had not been so dominant lately, allowing opposing batters to have a batting average of .302 in August, and also having an ERA of 3.29 this month, which for most pitchers is still superb, but for Halladay it is below average.  Tonight though, below average is on of the last words that would be used to describe Halladay, as he tore through the Reds’ lineup, and even contributing at the plate. Continue reading

Phillies Lose to Nationals in Extras, Spoil Michael Schwimer’s Major League Debut

There are some moments in life that you never forget, and for a Major League baseball player, one of those moments is your MLB debut.  Today, four days after being called up to the big club, Phillies rookie Michael Schwimer was able to make his highly anticipated major league debut today, after Roy Halladay was forced out by yet another rain delay, this one coming during the 5th inning.  Schwimer went a full three innings, in his roller-coaster ride of a debut. Continue reading