Phillies look pitiful in loss to Padres

In season with 162 games, there will be games where an offense explodes, a defense plays incredibly, a team’s pitching will be lights-out and the team will win 8-0.  Sometimes, teams will play against other teams that have those types of games and lose 8-0.  But then, there are games where a team pitches poorly, is unable to get anything going offensively, botches multiple plays in the field and, to make matters worse, plays a bad team that gives them ample opportunities to score.  It’s games like these that are the worst and it was a game like this that the Phillies played in their last of a four-game series with the Padres, a game which the Phillies lost 6-1, dropping their record to a disturbing 7-9 against a group of teams that have been nothing but average. Continue reading

Phillies Play Like Their Stats Show, Defeat Padres 5-3

Baseball is a sport of repetition, where dominance isn’t defined one game at a time, but throughout an entire season, or even a career.  It’s a sport where stats are valued so highly that some people make a living just creating and gathering stats.  These stats can show history, and often they can predict the future.  Today’s game had few exceptions to the rule, following the stats almost perfectly. Continue reading

7th Inning Home Runs Boost Philles Over Padres for Fourth Straight Win

Coming into this weekend’s series with the San Diego Padres, nearly every analyst in the Philadelphia area said that if the Phillies wanted to win, they would need to do it early, because the Padres bullpen is absolutely unstoppable.  Though the Phillies found that to be true yesterday, today, the Padres bullpen was their Achilles Heel, allowing the Phillies to pull ahead in the 7th inning against reliever Chad Qualls. Continue reading

Cole Hamels Dominates Padres, as Phillies Win on 1980′s Retro Night

In 1984, Cole Hamels was less than a year old, and had probably never picked up a baseball.  However, 27 years later, Hamels donned an ’84 throwback jersey and began his absolute domination of the San Diego Padres on 1980′s retro night.  However, tonight’s game wasn’t at all similar to 1984, the year in which both teams jerseys were from.  In 1984, the Padres came three games away from a World Series title, while the Phillies finished at a pedestrian .500, but tonight the roles were reversed, as the Phillies controlled the game on the way to a 3-1 victory. Continue reading