Season Preview: Shortstop

Jimmy Rollins is the Phillies shortstop.  Those six words have been true for twelve years now, but for almost three months after the season ended, Rollins’ contract status was in limbo, many people unsure of whether the 2007 NL MVP would be back for a 2012 campaign.  While it was hard to imagine Rollins in another uniform, it was also hard to justify spending elite-level money for a 33-year-old with a quickly declining bat.  However, eventually the Phillies gave in to the desires of the Phillies de facto captain, giving him three years and $11 million per year, with a fourth year that is heavy with bonuses, making him earn his money. Continue reading

Introducing 2011 Draft Pick Mitchell Walding

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk with shortstop Mitchell Walding, who was drafted by the Phillies in the fifth round of the 2011 draft. There weren’t many scouting reports on him, so my interview with him was more about getting to know Walding as a player. After the jump, Walding discusses his experience being drafted, his abilities on the field, and a potential move to third base. Continue reading

Phillies agree to re-sign Rollins for three to four years

Coming into the off-season, the Phillies had a few priorities.  At the top of their list were a closer, some support for their bench, and last, but certainly not least, figure who would be starting at shortstop when the season started.  One by one, Ruben Amaro Jr. played Santa Claus (or Hannukah Harry based on what you believe) for the team, filling all of the team’s needs except for re-signing Jimmy Rollins or signing a free agent to fill his place.  But now, 63 just days before pitchers and catchers report for spring training, the Phillies have earned their biggest gift of the holiday season, re-signing former MVP, and clubhouse leader Jimmy Rollins to a three-year $33 million deal with a vesting option for a fourth year. Continue reading