Lieberthal a deserving Wall of Fame member

Weather permitting, Mike Lieberthal will be inducted into the Phillies’ Wall of Fame today, an honor bestowed upon him by fan voting earlier in the year.  Lieberthal caught some of the most average (and by average I mean bad) teams in Phillies history, playing from 1994 to 2006, missing the playoffs by one year in 1993 and 2007.  He was no winner, and that seems to be the basis for a lot of the flak he has been catching (no pun intended) from Phillies fans that believe winning is everything–even for a catcher that couldn’t have possibly affected the outcome of the season by himself.

Numbers define baseball, and Phillies fans seem to be forgetting that.  Did Lieberthal’s stats make anybody’s mouth drop open in awe?  Of course not.  But all things considered, they were not half bad, and they could even be considered pretty good.   Continue reading